Webinar: March 4th 2021, at 12:00AM 

The Greater Region: potential and opportunities for a startup

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As an introduction to the Online Startup Pitch session, Euroquity offers in collaboration with PUSH.GR a webinar focusing on the entrepreneurship in the Greater Region.

You can find several business strongholds in Europe, but being in Paris can exclude opportunities in London or Berlin and vice-versa. Our webinar will offer the experience of an investor who has chosen to locate in the heart of the Greater Region, and the testimony of 2 startups who have favored the Greater Region over their home country. We will highlight the advantages of the territory, the financial interests, and the mixing of ideas at the crossroads of several entrepreneurial cultures.

About the speakers:

Alain Rodermann, founding partner of Expon Capital, starts his own venture investments vehicle after 12 years of VC experience, 7 IPOs and having been through bear and bull cycles.

Christophe Hocquet, strategy & business development manager of Natif.AI, Germany-based Deep-Tech startup in the field of intelligent document process automation (IDP), just raised seven-figure funding from 468 Capital.

Kevin Muller, CEO of Passbolt, ranked among the top 5 fastest growing open source startups in the world, Passbolt has just closed a round of funding of two million euros.